Finland-Catalonia Friendship Association

Finland-Catalonia Friendship Association has been established in May 2018 in order to advance Catalan language, culture and knowledge of its history in Finland. Association will organize Catalan language courses as well as different activities and Catalonia-related events in Finland.

More information about language courses and other activities will be posted in detail to the association’s website at Website contains lot of information about Catalonia and its language, culture and history. Website will also work as a databank for schools and other learning institutes and it contains useful links.

Catalonia-related events include for example lectures, talks, social events, book presentations, language clubs, sporting events, “Catalan food”-evenings and academic seminars. Events are organized throughout the year. Different kinds of communal digital environments and tools will be used so people can attend these events without being present at the same place.

Association will also support the tightening of relations between enterprises operating in Finland and Catalonia. Working committee which will decide on the forms of activity for this purpose will be established within the association.

Finland-Catalonia Friendship Association doesn’t take a stand on political questions such as the question of Catalan independence. Association will however emphasize the linguistic, cultural and democratic rights of minorities in its activities and through its own actions advance their realization in the European Union. Association’s website will be translated to Swedish as well.

Association is a non-profit cultural association and its activities are funded mainly by private donations and membership fees. You can join the association as a support member by filling out the form in the website. Executive Director Janne Riitakorpi is in charge of the association’s practical issues and activities.


Finland-Catalonia Friendship Association


Mikko Alkio (Chairman)


Janne Riitakorpi (Executive Director)